Amy Kennedy on the Issues

Amy On The Issues

As a 4th generation South Jerseyan, Amy Kennedy knows the issues that face our communities and neighborhoods like access to jobs and the economy, protecting our environment and facing New Jersey’s mental health and addiction crisis.

Workers’ Bill of Rights

Amy will always stand with New Jersey’s workers and will fight to protect workers’ fundamental rights.


Amy believes that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable health care.


Amy will be a champion for our students, educators, and support professionals in Congress.

Our Economy

Amy will work in Congress to create jobs in South Jersey jobs and safeguard our economy.

Children and Families

As a member Amy will be a voice for South Jersey’s children and families

Our Environment

Protecting South Jersey’s environment is critical to our economy and our identity.

Real Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system should treat everyone fairly—no matter their net worth or the color of their skin.

Mental Health and Addiction

Amy will continue to fight for people with mental health and substance use disorders in Congress.

Election Reform

In order to get anything done in Washington, we need to get money out of politics.


Amy’s goal is to ensure that every veteran and active member of the military has access to treatment and support they need.


Amy will be an ally to the LGBTQ community in Congress, working hand-in-hand with LGBTQ leaders to achieve equality for all.

Women’s Policy

Amy will be a champion for women and their families, fighting to support and empower them and to build an economy that values their contributions.


Amy is committed to building South Jersey back better and stronger and will fight for the infrastructure investments South Jersey needs.

Older Americans

Amy will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare so that our Seniors can retire with dignity after a lifetime of hard work.

Farming and Agriculture

Amy will be a champion for our farmers, fishers, and producers, partnering with them to protect, grow, and sustain a strong and vibrant agricultural sector.